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Key to unlocking wat
Time:2024-07-11 09:53:26

When we buy a toilet, we are often confused by whether the toilet is water-saving. Sometimes because they do not understand the secret of saving water, they are led by the nose of the manufacturer's advertising. The actual flushing effect of the toilet is the key.

What are the factors that affect the final water consumption of the toilet? How do we need to choose a good toilet, in order to save water and save a fortune for our life? For you to decrypt the secret of water saving. Let's take a look!

First, the difference in the configuration of water parts

With the same 4L of water to calculate, if some water takes 3 seconds to let all the water flow out, and some water takes only 1.5 seconds to let the water rush out, of course, 1.5 seconds of water makes the water flow more rapid, and the scouring ability is more powerful. The larger diameter of the drainage valve can achieve rapid drainage effect. There are many toilets on the market with an outlet valve diameter of only 2 inches, and some products have diameters of 2.5 and 3 inches, respectively, which is equal to its instantaneous capacity of 1.3 times and 2 times that of 2-inch products. The erosion rate can be compared. According to the demand of the market, we have developed 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch water tank accessories, adhering to the principle of quality assurance, environmental protection and water saving. And our 3-inch water parts have also been strongly promoted and recommended, and have achieved extraordinary results, and have been applied and praised by the majority of manufacturers in the industry.

Second, the difference between the size of the toilet pipe

As we all know, the more coarse sewage pipe the better, so, of course, the drainage pipe diameter above 48 mm is better than the conventional 42 mm pipe diameter, but in the tight space under the toilet, to maintain the flow of the pipe, it is necessary to maintain enough water seal height to avoid the overflow of odor, which is not a small technical content.

Third, the difference between smooth ceramic glaze or not

For the glaze of ceramics, Dufini uses a manipulator to glaze, glaze evenly and thoroughly, and there is also a uniform glaze inside the pipe. Some products in the toilet inside the pipeline is not glazed, even if the glaze did not choose a good glaze or the process is not pass, such a toilet is of course not easy to flush clean. In addition to affecting the flushing effect, if the toilet glaze is not smooth, it is easy to hide dirt and stink, produce mildew, affect the service life of the toilet, and also have a negative impact on the user's health!

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